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Benefits of being a guest on a Podcast

Podcasting is the "in thing" right now and the audience reach is huge.

So it is no wonder that more and more businesses are choosing this medium to enhance their sales kit.

But.. having a guest on a podcast, doesn't just benefit the podcaster. And you might be surprised how beneficial it can be to the guest on the podcast - even if it appears you are in a very specialised industry.

Below are just some of the industries that could benefit and why:

Software Services - or Software As A Service (SaaS)

Software can be complex and what better way to showcase the functionality of your software than have an expert explain the problem their software solves?

Many people only get to grips with the minimum requirements of a piece of software, mainly due to lack of time or even because it seems too technically difficult. So an expert explaining the different benefits for different industries in an easy language could make all the difference for someone investing in the software. It also strengthens the authority of the guest in their chosen industry. Along with the product review, the episode could take on a question-and-answer session or answer frequently asked questions - again giving the product owner that extra trustworthy feel of expertise.

Health and Well-Being

This is probably the most popular subject for podcasts. From diet tips, and health & fitness regimes, to well-being coaching. Similar to the previous industry, the guest will strengthen the trust with listeners and also increase their audience reach and perhaps help with course sign up that they might run or manage.

Business Coaching and Mentors

Another niche area, but again, the benefits of being a guest on a podcast can benefit business coaches or mentors. Be it that of a leadership mentor, recruitment strategies, or marketing mentors, the reach would be great for sharing tips and knowledge and again growing the trust of your audience. The bigger your audience, the more scope you have for turning the listeners into prospects.

So, being a guest on a podcast might be a good thing for you and your business by adding credibility to your service or product and will allow your audience, and possibly customers, to connect with you in a relatable way. (Even if you feel you are in a very specialist industry!)

Before you start looking into being a guest - make a list of podcasts or topics that are the best fit for you and your industry. Then do your research on the host - no one wants to talk for a while with someone that is hard work to form a rapport with. Remember you won't "fit in" with everyone and it will be noticeable on a podcast. The goal is for the podcast to flow naturally. Remember the better you "gel" with your podcast host, the better your guest appearance will be, leading to a more successful pitch for your product/service.

And lastly, have your product/service pitch ready for both when contacting the podcast host and also for during the show.

I hope you found this information useful - remember to subscribe to my blog posts for more useful tips and tricks for everything podcast and business administration.

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