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Tips to Reduce Procrastination

Updated: May 4

Tips to Reduce Procrastination

Tips to Reduce Procrastination

According to the dictionary - the definition of procrastination is: the act or habit of putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.

We have all done it at some point. Go on admit it!

We busy ourselves with less urgent tasks that we enjoy more over the important jobs that might be difficult or just purely don't like doing.

So, what can we do to reduce procrastination?

1. Commit

Yep, that means fully commiting to the completion of the task - wholeheartedly! No half measures.


a) write down the task

b) split in to smaller manageable chunks

c) block out a time to do the task in your schedule

d) remember to give it a "completion by" time - it's all about committing to getting it done and what better way than giving yourself a deadline for completion

2. Reward

Promise yourself a reward for completing your task.


That could be something as simple as a nice relaxing cup of coffee or/and a slice of cake! Or perhaps a cheeky glass of your favourite tipple. Whatever it is, let the completion of the task give you all the great feels of completion. And remember how good that feels. This will urge you on to your next task on the list.

3. Get a Cheerleader / Nagger!


Because it makes you accountable. When you know someone is going to be asking how you are getting on, it's natural to want to boast "yep, nearly done". It helps to push you a long. A lot of coaches and mentors use this method to gradually help move things forwards. And that's what it's all about, moving tasks forward, to completion.

4. Chip Away Straight Away

That's right, by chipping away at those tasks as they arrive will prevent them building up and stop that awful dred of piles of tasks.


Adopt the method of "touch it once"

The general idea is that as soon as you touch something, whether it's piece of mail or a project that needs to be filed, you immediately act on it.

This could be fully completing the task at once or determining the next actionable steps to move it along.

The general guide is if it takes 5 minutes or less - do it straight away. If it takes longer e.g needs some extra research or planning more than 5 minutes, schedule the task into your diary and block out that time.

5. Don't Get Distracted

Turn off your emails

Log out of social media

Don't sit near a TV!

Set your phone to silent or DND

Many smart phones have a "focus mode" where it will allow you to set a period of time to not be disturbed. This is great if you are worried to turn your phone back to normal. Also great for ensuring you keep your focus.

6. Do it First

If you have a task that you don't particularly like doing, we all have those lurking, then do them first. Yes, I know, I hear you groaning BUT just think, once it's done you can get on with the rest of your day and probably have the rest of the day doing those things you enjoy much more and have a better day! Now that is job satisfaction!

So there we have some great tips for overcoming procrastination and getting those tasks done.

If you need an extra pair of hands to get those tasks completed, consider getting a virtual assistant to help you focus on the things you do best. You can find out more here: www.vtaservices.co.uk

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