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What is a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant often abbreviated to VA, is a self-employed specialist who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative social media assistance to clients remotely from a home office or a place away from the premises of their hirer.

VAs are highly skilled in many areas due to their working experiences and backgrounds. Many virtual assistants will have started their working careers in an administration, gaining extensive knowledge in multiple software, and exposure to top end businesses processes gained from supporting CEOs and senior executives or supporting a business in an office manager type position. Due to this foundation, you will often find VAs to be highly responsive, efficient and organised and ready to provide support to an exceptionally high standard.

Who uses a VA?

The client base for a VA are typically entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, you will also find VAs integrated within many large establishments that don't want the commitment of taking on employees but still want regular help. You will often find VAs working side by side with established employed teams.

Using Virtual Assistant's has grown considerably over the last few years, with the largest growth being during the recent pandemic; a time when all businesses started working in ways that they hadn't worked before and trying different ways that they might not have considered possible. While the world adjusted, the virtual assistant had already been working successfully in this new 'remote' way with processes and systems tried and tested. So it was no wonder that more and more businesses wanted to experience the benefits of working with a VA.

If you are thinking of getting yourself more organised, maybe it's time to consider help from a virtual assistant. If you want to find out more please feel free to drop me a message or pop along to my website for more information.


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