Born in the East End of London, I live in Hertfordshire with my partner Paul and my 2 spoilt Parrots. 

I work virtually in my home office which doubles up as my happy place for crafting when I need some escapism and need to unwind.  I am extremely creative and a bit of a gadget and techy nerd and enjoy learning new things. 

You will often find me on YouTube learning new tricks or researching some mad creative idea I have had.


In my professional life

I come from a varied administrative background.  I started off from the outset in administration after leaving college with a BTEC in business administration.  This gave me a great foundation to build my career upon.

Throughout my working career, I have worked in Personal Assistant positions for CEOs and business directors, with responsibility for corporate admin, office, facility management and traditional secretarial admin tasks such as travel management, recruitment admin, diary and email management, bookkeeping, bank administration, payroll administration and organising corporate events. 

I have also worked as Executive Assistant with added Office Manager responsibilities and progressed to HR Manager as part of the senior management team.  My love for being organised and proactive allowed me to use a wide range of my skills by setting up new admin processes and supporting team appraisals & development tools.  As part of my HR achievements, I developed a whole HR system using Microsoft Access and automated many of the HR-related tasks.  I also developed a skills matrix to assist gaps in skills and to put in place plans to develop skills within the workforce for upcoming and future projects.   As part of my HR responsibilities, I covered the whole recruitment cycle, from job descriptions, advertising and screening through to creating assessment centres with hands-on learning tools.  I also covered the employee onboarding journey through to departures.  Each one of my past positions has helped me move forwards to where I am today. I actually enjoy getting stuck into organising and setting up processes and just plain and simple supporting people and getting a job done.

With 30+ years of admin experience and knowledge, it was a natural step for me to set up my own business to be able to offer my years of know-how to help business owners, professionals and individuals free up their time from doing business admin and focus on their business goals.  The recent pandemic encouraged me to re-evaluate my values and step out of my comfort zone and take that big step of starting my own virtual assistant service.  Although I have oodles of experience to pull from, I wanted to ensure that my business started correctly and invested in myself and a huge chunk of training.  I completed a Virtual Assistant Mastery course which ensured I was following good practice and gave me a great foundation on which to start my business.  I also enhanced my skill set with various software courses.  VTA Services was then ready to be launched.

I am extremely passionate and dedicated to whatever task I do and understand the mindset of new business owners who find it hard to trust or "let go" but you can be rest assured that I will have the same dedication to the success of your business as I do my own. 

Water Ripple




I have a soft spot for the classic MINI car and you will often find me at MINI events up and down the UK.  I try to attend Brands Hatch each year for my fix of MINI cars.  I used to own a classic MINI and they are so much fun and one of my regrets is not keeping it. One of my hopes is to perhaps get another one in the future.



I have 2 mad parrots called Kiki and Max.  They are the smaller of the parrot family but with buckets of character and mischief.  We regulary visit the parrot sanctuary each year to get a fix of the bigger variety of parrots until I am allowed to add to my flock! 



I love writing and am always in the process of completing a novel.  I try to keep motivated by joining in with the annual National Write a Novel in a Month event (NaNoWriMo) to keep me on track, and contribute to the NIAD (Novel In A Day) event.



Handmade crafting is my go to when I need some "me time" - My happy place is my custom built craft room which is also where I work so I am surrounded by creative inspiration. There's nothing like spending hours focused on nothing but crafting - it is a great stress reliever and great for a healthly state of mind.