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Giving business owners the support they deserve to allow them to focus on their core business and what they do best.



I offer 3 services as a virtual assistant

From the moment I come on board, I am fully invested in your company so you can spend your time on other more forward-moving aspects of your business and on the things you were passionate about when you first decided to start out on your own.

If you are a small business, a professional individual or even just starting your business, I offer a wide variety of services, available for you when you need them most, it is my mission to provide a first-class efficient service to solve your admin problems, giving you peace of mind. 


Being a freelancer, you will not need to bother with all the employment-related costs and processes, and in most cases, you will also have the flexibility to choose which payment plans suit you and your business.  Whichever you choose, you will just pay for what you need when you need it the most. 

Your success is my success so I will do everything I possibly can to support the growth of your company by freeing up your precious time to do just that and to work on the things where you add the most value to your core business.

If you are still unsure what I can bring to your business, please get in touch to set up a free discovery call - I am waiting to hear from you.



Hi - I'm Sue - Owner of VTA Services - Pleased to meet you!

I live in Hertfordshire with my partner Paul and my 2 spoilt Parrots.  I work virtually in my home office which doubles up as my happy place for crafting when I need some escapism and need to unwind.  I am extremely creative and a bit of a gadget and techy nerd and enjoy learning new things. You will often find me on YouTube learning new tricks or researching some mad creative idea I have had.

I come from a varied administrative background.  I started off from the outset in administration after leaving college with a BTEC in business administration.  This gave me a great foundation to build my career upon.


Throughout my working career, I have worked in various administrative roles including the traditional Personal & Executive Assistant positions for CEOs and business owners.  My responsibilities and experience have always been plenty as you would expect working with small businesses and I wore several hats, often at the same time.  From office manager, security and HR responsibilities, and corporate admin.  The traditional secretarial roles covered the support you would expect such as travel management, recruitment admin, diary and email management, bookkeeping, bank administration, payroll administration and organising corporate events. 

With my HR hat on I had responsibility for the full HR cycle such as headcount approval, job descriptions, advertising and screening through to creating assessment centres with hands-on learning tools.  I also covered the employee onboarding journey from recruitment through to departures, including payroll activities. Being part of the leadership team I completed several HR projects including skills matrix and automated HR processes.  I quickly came to the conclusion if I was going to be doing it all myself, I needed to make things more streamlined and efficient so I also built a complete HR system using Microsoft Office! (I told you I was a techy nerd!)


Working for a small company, where everyone rolled up their sleeves to get stuck in and get the job done, allowed me to pick up some extremely valuable experience and knowledge of how businesses operate at the top end that I might not have had the opportunity to be exposed to. (including some of the challenges and the difficult decisions and processes that business owners might encounter along the way).​​

My love for being organised and proactive allowed me to use a wide range of my skills by setting up new admin processes.

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Each one of my past positions has helped me move forwards to where I am today. I actually enjoy getting stuck into organising and setting up processes and just plain and simple supporting people and getting a job done, even if it is outside of my comfort zone or unknown to me.​


I am extremely passionate and dedicated to whatever task I do and understand the mindset of new business owners who find it hard to trust or "let go" but you can be assured that I will have the same dedication to the success of your business as I do my own. 


It is my mission to provide a first-class efficient admin service whether that is podcast launch and podcast editing or creative and business administration.  Giving you the support you deserve when you need them most and giving you peace of mind, without the faff of employment-related costs and processes. 


(I don't even need a desk!)

I am serious about my business and the way I work so you can be reassured that I am fully insured and registered for data protection via ICO Registration. I am also a member of Herts Chamber of Commerce and a virtual assistant membership which allows me to share skills and best practices within the VA industry.

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