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Podcast Launch Programme

Get your new podcast live in 8 weeks or sooner.

Adding a podcast to your sales kit is a great way to put you and your business in front of your clients and future clients, at any time! Imagine if you had the attention of your clients for 30 minutes each week highlighting your expertise and knowledge in your industry. 

There are a lot of stages to launching a podcast and it can quickly get overwhelming. That's where I can help you! My Podcast Launch Programme walks you through step-by-step everything you need to think about and do to get your new podcast up and running.  I will provide project management tools to keep you on track and your first 3 episodes will be professionally edited and ready to go to get you off to a great start.

Pricing for PAYG service

What's Included


One-off charge
Paid in advance


  • Onboarding call

  • Creation of Launch Plan

  • Set up of organised workspace

  • Set up of workflow project board

  • Set up of your hosting platform

  • Useful "Getting Started" guide

  • Editing of your Trailer Episode

  • Editing of your Intro & Outro 

  • Add Intro/outro and mix music to your Trailer Episode

  • Podcast Cover Art Template

  • Upload Trailer to all directories

  • Editing of first 3 episodes

  • 1 x audio gram for the first 3 episodes

  • Add ID3 tags for your first 3 episodes

  • Social media graphics for your first 3 episodes using Canva Pro

Podcast Launch Service

This service is for you if:

  • You are committed to having a podcast as part of your sales strategy

  • You are ready to invest the time and effort into making your podcast successful by recording your episodes regularly and to a schedule

  • You are ready to commit to an 8-week launch plan

  • You don't have the skills or time to learn the technical back end stuff.

  • This will save us both time and make the process efficient for both of us.

This service is NOT for you if:

  • You already have an existing podcast and are looking for a podcast editing service

  • You are NOT able to commit the time to a launch plan

Getting started is easy - Just click the button below and complete my "work with me" application.
This will save us both time and make the process efficient for both of us.

Frequently Asked...

I understand that working with someone new can be a bit daunting and as you navigate through my services you might have some questions. This section is designed to provide you with quick answers to some of the queries you may have. I have compiled the most common questions to assist you.  I want to ensure that your experience working with me is as hassle-free and easy as possible so if you can't find what you are looking for, please use the Contact Me button below where I will help as much as I can.

Why does it take 8 weeks to launch a podcast: Podcasting is tough work and involves a few processes to set up platforms, get your branding message right and obviously time to record and edit your first episodes.  You will also need time to make sure you have the equipment to start recording your podcasts.  This 8 week can be reduced if you can commit to big chunks of time to get it live quicker.


Are there any other costs outside the launch package that I need to be aware of: You will need to sign up to a hosting platform, e.g. Libsyn / Podbean and invest in some basic equipment such as Microphone, Wired Headphones and a Pop Filter.


What if I don't know what to say for an Intro or Outro recording - and what about a Trailer episode: Don't worry! I will be there every step of the way, providing useful scripts and prompts for you to follow as part of the launch programme.


Can I re-use some existing videos from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that I already have: Absolutely yes! You may need to record new intro/outro and trailers but it is something we can look at.


How does pricing and payments work: The price is a fixed price as shown and is payable in advance

How do you take payment: Payments are made via BACS in advance before any work is actioned.


How do I get started working with you:  Getting started is easy and super efficient. Simply complete my "Work with me" form. This will help you to think about what pain points you are experiencing and where you need the most support. Once received, your form will be reviewed to make sure I can help you. If all good, a video call will be arranged for us to say hello and make sure we are a good match to work together. You can also share any other information that you think will be useful.  After this - we will sort out the legals and then we will be ready to get started!

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact me here:

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