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VTA Services

Virtual Administration Services

Welcome to VTA Services:
Your trusted Virtual Administrator

Are you a small business owner or independent professional feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending tasks on your to-do list? Or perhaps you feel you are spending less time on the things you love and the reason you started out on your own?


VTA Services is here to provide you with top-notch virtual administration solutions tailored to meet your needs. It's the most cost effective way to have someone on hand to help you with your business so you don't need to be doing everything and can take time off or focus on other business tasks.

I pride myself on being a technical nerd who enjoys learning new things. My virtual assistant services are designed to simplify your workload, allowing you to focus on what you do best — growing your business and looking after your clients.

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Why choose VTA Services?

With over 30 years of administrative experience, I understand the challenges you face. VTA Services stands out as a virtual assistant service that offers a range of business admin solutions, including:

Typing Expertise: From typing from transcription to precise copy typing, I've got your written needs covered.


Document Creation: Need professional documents and templates? I create documents and spreadsheets that streamline your processes.


Data Processing: Efficient and accurate data management is my forte.

Let me handle your data processing tasks.


Basic Bookkeeping: Keep your finances up to date with my basic XERO bookkeeping services so you can keep your accountant happy.


Creative Designs: Stand out with visually appealing content. As a self-confessed Canva nerd I can create eye-catching designs for your socials and documents.


Process and System Setup: Starting a new business? I can help set up everything you need to get organised, files and folder structure and questionnaires, forms, and streamlined processes.


Podcast Launch Programme: If you are looking to add a podcast to your sales kit but don’t know where to start or need someone by your side - look no further - I’ve got you! With my step-by-step programme combined with my Trello project management, we will get you launched in 8 weeks.

But that’s not all - I am serious about my business and the way I work - so - being fully insured and registered for data protection via ICO Registration is important to me. I am constantly refreshing my skills so you can relax knowing I am providing services with the most up to date practices.

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Payment Plans

Flexible Support, Cost-Effective Solutions

I understand the importance of flexibility, especially for businesses not ready to hire full-time staff. With my Pay as You Go plans or monthly blocks of hours, you get the support you need without breaking the bank.

Pricing for PAYG service


minimum 1 hour

Paid weekly
7 day payment terms

  • You have one-off small projects

  • You prefer the flexibility of a PAYG service

  • You need less than 5 hours support a month

  • You want to see if working with a virtual assistant can work for you.

This plan is for you if...

Pricing for Monthly Plan


Booked in blocks of 5 hours

Paid monthly in advance
3 month initial commitment

  • You have regular tasks each month

  • You want to guarantee my time each month

  • You prefer to know what you will be paying each month - no billing surprises 

Monthly Plans will always have priority on my time

This plan is for you if...

Pricing for Monthly Plan


Booked in blocks of 10 hours

Paid monthly in advance
3 month initial commitment

  • You have regular tasks each month

  • You want to guarantee my time each month

  • You prefer to know what you will be paying each month - no billing surprises 

Monthly Plans will always have priority on my time

This plan is for you if...

Getting started is easy - Just click the button "Apply to work with me" and complete my "work with me" application.
This will save us both time and make the process efficient for both of us.

Being a freelancer, you will not need to bother with all the employment-related costs and processes -

you just pay for the support you need when you need it the most.

Find out more about my Podcast Launch Programme

Legal Handshake

Onboarding made easy

Getting started couldn't be easier!  Here's what to expect so we can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Complete my "Work with me" form. 

This will streamline the process to understand your business pain points and to ensure that my services are a good fit for you and your business.


Step 2: Video Call

If we are a great fit, we will have a discovery call to get to know each other a bit more and to answer any remaining questions you may have.


Step 3: The Legal Stuff. 

We make it official.  Time to electronically sign a contract and pay your initial invoice. Once we are all official we can kick-off


Frequently Asked...

I understand that working with someone new can be a bit daunting and as you navigate through my services you might have some questions. This section is designed to provide you with quick answers to some of the queries you may have. I have compiled the most common questions to assist you.  I want to ensure that your experience working with me is as hassle-free and easy as possible so if you can't find what you are looking for, please use the Contact Me button below where I will help as much as I can.

What is a Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant (VA) is a self-employed admin specialist. They are usually multi-skilled and come from a strong administrative working background. Due to the differing working sectors, they are quick to adapt and learn new processes or already know how to use most systems.


Can anyone benefit from using a Virtual Assistant: Absolutely yes! I offer a bespoke admin support service, so if you need assistance with something not listed in my services, still get in touch.  Admin is a bucket for many back office tasks and the list can just go on and on! Everyone's idea of Admin is unique as your company.


Why don't you list all the tasks that you offer: Admin tasks are an exhaustive list and every business has their own requirements and it would be impossible to list everything for everyone. Admin means different things to different people so one term might mean something else to another.  To make this more efficient - you will be asked to complete a "Work with me" form and you will get a chance to list areas where you need support and we would go over them in a video call.


I only need a few hours here and there, is this suitable for me: Absolutely yes! My PAYG plan is designed just for you in mind. You pay for what you need, when you need it the most without any ongoing commitment.


What are your different plans and what is the difference between them: My plans are made to be simple. 

Pay As You Go - ideal for small jobs or if you prefer not to commit to a monthly plan. You will be invoiced at the end of each week worked.  This plan has a 7 day payment term. Initially you will pay for 2 hours up front to get started.

Monthly Plans - There are 2 options for the monthly plan - blocks of 5 or 10 hours per month.  This is paid in advance, usually the first of each month. My monthly plans have priority of my time over the PAYG plan.  This is ideal if you have regular tasks each month and has a 3 month initial commitment.

Both plans include an activity report showing hours worked - this is useful to see what work has been completed and also if you require time spent on a particular piece of work to be listed separately.


Can I request a rush job or quick turnaround: Yes of course! I understand that sometimes tasks need urgent attention. Depending on my availability and the complexity of the task, I can usually accommodate rush jobs.  We can discuss the details and I'll do my best to assist you promptly.


What systems do you use:

General - Microsoft Office 365 / Google Workspace and applications: Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Access / Outlook

Storage & Sharing - OneDrive / SharePoint / GoogleDrive / DropBox

Communication - Trello / Email / Slack / Teams / GoogleMeet / Business WhatsApp

Accounts - XERO - I am a certified XERO Advisor

Creatives & Specialists - Canva Pro / YouTube Video / TikTok Video/ CapCut Video / Podcast tools / Email Marketing

Social Media - Buffer / Canva / LinkedIn / Instagram / TikTok / Facebook

Do you provide an audio transcription Service: Yes. Simply provide the audio file and a template to type into. I also provide a document and template service if you need some creating.

How does pricing work for your audio typing service:  You will be charged for the actual time taken.  As a guide, the standard time for transcribing is one hour of audio takes approximately 4 hours.  However some items might take longer, for example if typing into tables or typing up complex terms.  The quality of the recording will also impact the time it takes to complete.

Do you provide a simple social media service:  Absolutely yes! If you are not ready for a full on agency experience, then I can help. I am a bit of a Canva addict and I love being creative! So if you are in need of social posts creating with your branded colours I can help you. All you need to do is provide the written blurb and I will create an eye-catching graphic to suit. I also provide a social media scheduling service if required.

Do you provide a bookkeeping service:  I am a certified XERO Advisor and I can provide basic day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. e.g bill entry, payments, bank reconciles. I can also help with setting up your Chart of Accounts in XERO so that it is inline with your business.  I would recommend that you would still need an accountant to provide expert accounting advice and production of official company accounts. 

How do I get started working with you:  Getting started is easy and super efficient. Simply complete my "Work with me" form. This will help you to think about what pain points you are experiencing and where you need the most support. Once received, your form will be reviewed to make sure I can help you. If all good, a video call will be arranged for us to say hello and make sure we are a good match to work together. You can also share any other information that you think will be useful.  After this - we will sort out the legals and then we will be ready to get started!

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact me here:

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Happy Clients!

I have been lucky to work with some exceptional people and receiving reviews and comments like below makes me do a happy dance! 

"I have been using VTA Services since I set up my company in 2022 and Sue has been a godsend. Sue set up the required templates and provides continuous support, including typing and transcription and all work is returned quickly without any trouble at all. Sue cares about my business as much as I do...If not more! Sue is invaluable in supporting what I do."

Tony Hodge, Founder & Chartered Building Surveyor - Harbour Property Consultants 

"I booked a Power Admin Day with Sue at VTA Services to help me transfer part of my manual process to a system that could be used across all my devices at any time. We worked together via a shared screen where Sue asked relevant questions about my business and pain points and from there she set up Microsoft OneNote including page templates so everything I needed was available and easy to find and manage. The custom templates were specific to my needs and have helped in the smooth running of my customer order processes and communications. She recommended a step by step process to follow and we worked on it until I was comfortable to work through it on my own. I can now access everything I need wherever I am giving me more control to manage my business effectively. I would highly recommend booking a Power Admin Day to get the job done. It was the best investment and saved me months of working on it myself and getting frustrated. A brilliant step up from paper shuffling!"

C Westwater, Business Owner - CMW Solutions Ltd

"Sue is working with me in a start-up environment. She integrated into our business in less than an hour and has brought so much in terms of the running of all our administration in less than 2 weeks. I also had the pleasure of working with Sue when I was CEO of a software company. ​ As a small company, Sue took on a variety of functions, including HR Administration, Payroll Management, Cash Flow Forecasting, and all Executive Assistant responsibilities like staff communications and leadership team calendar and meeting management. Sue proved to be extremely capable of all the tasks and able to learn quickly. Further, she was highly responsive and quick to help with diverse issues like the checking of contracts for specific details. I was highly reliant upon Sue over this period and I would happily work with her again at any time in the future."

David King, Co-Founder - Toucan Operations Ltd 

"Sue seamlessly took on all our back office admin, including HR, payments, accounting software, and employee diaries as well as being a number of the co-founders' personal assistant. I really could not recommend her enough. She has incredible attention to detail and goes the extra mile. An absolute pleasure to work with too."

Matt Crate, Co-Founder - Toucan Operations Ltd

"I worked with Sue at Toucan Operations. Sue provided all our admin and finance support and I cannot recommend Sue more highly. No job is too big. Great bank of knowledge, just gets on with the task in hand, doesn't over complicate things. Worth the investment!"

John Barrett, Co-Founder - Toucan Operations Ltd

"Loved working with you - Every company should have a Sue!"

Mike Gadd, Managing Director - AssetWorks LLC

"I had the idea of a podcast in my mind for a while but needed practical support to get my idea from my head into a structure and process. Sue did that brilliantly. She was organised, and experienced and kept me accountable which is exactly what I needed!"

Danielle Thompson, Business Owner - Unthread Ltd

"Sue was a joy to work with from an HR consulting point of view. Extremely well organised, committed, reliable, well-informed, respected by colleagues, discreet, strong on processes and systems, and keen to learn, understand, and contribute to what Talent4Results were there to achieve. In addition, she has a great sense of humour. ​Having launched VTA I have recommended Sue to my network, sought her advice and look forward to utilising her many talents again!"

Neil Sampson, Business Owner - Talent4Results Ltd

"Sue combined the roles of HR Manager and being my PA during my time at Drive Software Solutions. During a time of rapid growth and change, Sue remained a constant unflappable source of common sense and practical solutions. ​Sue is one of the most trustworthy and loyal people I have had the pleasure of working with. ​I have no hesitation in recommending Sue to any Senior Executive looking for admin support."

Andrew Burns, Head of Consulting - George James Ltd

"Sue provided PA support to me and other directors in the business. This expanded over the years to include general company administration functions including bookkeeping, management accounts, and payroll administration. With the growth of the workforce, Sue expanded her skills and also became responsible for providing HR services for the business including all recruitment and associated HR duties. She also set up various HR systems and processes to manage all aspects of HR, including contracts and policies. Sue has good analysis, presentation, and research skills and is highly software literate, and is quick to

learn new skills as required.  One of Sue's major strengths is being able to manage her time and that of others efficiently.

She is also extremely reliable and hardworking and totally trustworthy. She is able to work with the minimum of instruction and work autonomously and can be relied upon to manage the day-to-day operations of the business."

Lorrie Rodia, Co-Business Owner & Director - Drive Software Solutions Ltd

"Sue worked as my personal assistant for almost 20 years. She has a high level of skill in multiple areas and she has great organisation skills that cover all aspects of meetings, travel, and secretarial where she has always taken a pro-active approach to her role. She also has high competence in HR, both in terms of people skills and her knowledge of employment procedures.

Sue has always delivered above what is asked and has proved 100% reliable as a PA."

Martin Drake, Co-Business Owner & Director - Drive Software Solutions Ltd

"Sue is an efficient and professional administrator and manager who is a joy to work with and always on her game."

Mark Swann, Practice Manager, FIS Global

"I have known Sue for approx 20 years. Working with Sue meant we had a trusted pair of hands that could support multiple scenarios on a daily basis in a very agile way. Sue helped improve our marketing events and made sure that we had the right processes in place to ensure they were both timely executed and beneficial."

Simon West-Oliver, Head of Marketing

"I got to know Sue as a woman who has sharp critical faculties combined with an entertaining sense of humour. She was always diligent and efficient in her work with me and I know she was held in high regard by senior management. If you are looking for a task assistant to help you with your business then look no further than Sue. I recommend her without hesitation."

Joe Jupp, Business Owner, Business Consultant

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact me below:

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